MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGH: DRUG ADDICTION TREATMENT Leading research in countries such as Australia, North America, Hong Kong, India and Europe have extensively tested proof that treatment is effective. In spite of all previous strategies and beli

Treatment is highly effective in the treatment of cigarette smoking. The way it works is by blocking nicotine receptors in the brain and brainstem where nicotine binds to have its effect. When the receptor is blocked by treatment it loses its functio

We have done many treatments over the last 11 months. The majority were in heroin addicts. Our patient’s success rate for keeping clean is extremely high. The patient is put onto a slow detox and withdrawal regime over 5 days.In that period

We had extremely good results with treatments for cocaine, crack and rocks addiction. We have done many naltrexone treatments for cocaine crack and rocks addicts. The patient’s feedback has been exciting and they keep coming back for their

The results that we experienced with the treatment for KHAT are amazing. Of the total amount of treatments done the majority was for KHAT. In the drug trade more than 50 present of drug users use KHAT as a drug of choice. The response on the

It is really exciting to see how people behave after their  treatments. Crystal meth or TIK has a very high priority in the drug industry; especially in the Western Cape .We had excellent results with  treatments in Crystal m

Great news is that Naltrexone treatments also reduces the affinity for nicotine. This stops patients craving for nicotine eventually. We had many patients reporting back on their treatment. They reported that there are no cravings a

The positive effect of Naltrexone treatments on OCD (OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVE DISORDER) includes that it creates opportunities to help people with disorders where obsession is involved. Conditions such as nail biting, hair pulling, ice chewing, compulsiv

Nyaupe is the most common drug used in South Africa.Statistics predict that more than 3 million people use Nyaupe in South Africa.The drug consists of dagga and heroin.It is widely and freely available and also very cheap.The effects are devastating

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