+ Why use treatment to rehabilitate Alcoholics?

+ What side effects can the alcoholic experience from treatment?

+ How long is the treatment effective?

+ What happens during the 3-months of treatment?

+ What happens if the addict consumes alcohol?

+ What should the alcoholic avoid during implant treatment?

+ Why do we become addicted?

+ Does this implant also help with drug addictions? And what will the effect be when the person is using high dosage of anti-depressants and sleeping tablets per day? Can this implant also take the need for the tablets away?

+ Can this drug help me to stop smoking?I have been smoking for 20 yrs and I'm 55yrs old.

+ Can someone that has epilepsy use this implant? What will happen if you smoke dagga with the implant and how much will the implant and the procedure cost? Thank you.

+ My man is codien afhanklik , neem 10 -20 tablette per keer. Enige kans dat hy kan baatvind by die implanting ? Ons woon in die Kaap

+ How effective is the implant in treating dagga and kat addictions.Person is currently on 50mg naltrexone daily and is still struggling. Clean for 2months relapsed. User for many years.

+ What is the costs involved for this procedure?

+ How effective is implant for drug addiction?

+ How is the implant done for drug addicts?

+ I have emailed before but no reply. Can this implant be claimed from Medical Aid?

+ Are you working with any doctors in cape town? Im living in Cape Town

+ Is the Naltrexone Implant effective in heroin/crystal Meth addiction? Can this only be administered in Pretoria? How frequently does it need to be done? Many Thanks. Jasmine.

+ What happens after the 6 months of the procedure? Is a person off drugs for ever with absolutely no craving for it?

+ how safe and effective would the implant be for a male patient (26) who has been using methamphetiame (speed - smoking it) for approx 6 yrs (on and off). He is severely depressed and suicidal. Has shakes, clenches jaw, chest pain and high blood pressure when taking? regards leslie

+ Would a Naltrexone implant help with tik addiction?

+ Why, if the success rate is so high is this medication not readily available to help treat substance abuse and prevent relapse? Why if there seems to be no (or at least very little side effects) has Naltrexone not been approved in SA & why can only certain medical practitioners administer Naltrexone?

+ Can Naltrexone help with Sugar Addiction (Sweets, chocolates, cakes, biscuits etc) I have an uncontrollable sweet tooth which started after overdosed on Cocaine about 20 years ago. I have heard that Sugar is a drug and is as difficult to give up as heroine. I only smoke 3 cigarettes per day and enjoy a half glass of wine with dinner. Would I have to gve up this as well?

+ How long after the heroin shot can the person have the impant?

+ Hi can you tell me for how long should my son have the implant if he has been using Tik for 4 years. What will the cost be and where can the implant be done? We live in Port Elizabeth.ThanksMark

+ Does the implant help for Tik addictions in a teenager? How effective is it?

+ Can this medication be used on cocaine addicts? will it help with their cravings? he has been in rehab twice... the rehab centre told me that it wont help a cocaine addict. is this true?

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