If you suffer from Alcohol or Drug Addiction...

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Our main aim is to rehabilitate alcoholics and other drug addicted persons. Alcohol and Drug addiction affects all spheres of life.

For the last 18-years we have been fighting alcohol addiction with treatments and related medication in thousands of patients. Our success rate for the treatment of addiction is very high (99, 9%). We treat patients with all drug addictions such as Heroin, Crack, Cocaine, CAT, Dagga and all other prescription drugs.

Our practice treats more and more drug and alcohol addicts locally and abroad. The percentages of follow-ups are growing by the day. Because of the demand of treating alcohol and drug addiction, we have to work longer hours and use a broader network of health care professionals to assist us, until we are able to take immediate action with an treatmentt for the successful management of alcohol and drug addiction.

Treatments are the product that we use the most. Treatments are one of the most valuable tools in our struggle against drug and alcohol abuse. These treatments have been around for a long time and have been used in America, Europe, Asia and Australia for many years.

Treatments are manufactured and used in large quantities in New Jersey, America. Throughout America more than 50 000 patients have been treated with treatments. In Australia more than 20 000 patients have been treated with  in Asia well over a 10 0000 patients have been treated as well.

The Department of Health in South Africa estimates the number of persons who are addicted to drugs and alcohol well into the millions. That does not include addiction to nicotine. The only hope we have against the ever growing disease of addiction.

Treatments have the highest success rate in treating all addictions. Treatment has been used to treat addiction to gambling and pornography with great success. The proof that treatments are successful for the treatment of the mentioned addictions, are backed up by over a thousand local testimonials.

At this stage we welcome the approach by government to force serious laws on controlling alcohol and drug addiction. Alcohol and drug addiction is still the most serious and treatable conditions in the world. With poverty and increased shortages of jobs people tend to get bored or depressed and use alcohol and drugs to buffer these problems. The drug underworld is so powerful and well organised, that drug addicts can get hold of any drug at any moment at any time and in any place.

We will take hands with government and other healthcare professionals to fight the problem of alcohol and drug addiction in any way that we can.

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