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Naltrexone implants


Leading research in countries such as Australia, North America, Hong Kong, India and Europe have extensively tested proof that Naltrexone implants are effective. In spite of all previous strategies and believes for curing drug addiction, this treatment has shown to be the most effective, reliable and secure for the management of addiction to opiate type drugs, including rocks crack, heroin, morphine, pethidine, opium, codeine, methadone and suboxone. Naltrexone is also effective when treating cocaine, CHAT, ecstasy, dagga, tick, and crystal meth.

Naltrexone is much more effective in an implant structure than any other form. The highly advanced polyglycol matrix or dissolvable structure functions like a slowly releasing sponge which gives the patient a steady supply of Naltrexone as it is needed. Naltrexone has a very high affinity for the MU, KAPPA and DELTA receptors in the brain and the spine. Naltrexone’s affinity to the receptors is 200 times stronger than any drug. Naltrexone is an antagonist to these receptors, therefor pushing off any drugs at the receptor site. It then forms an irreversible binding with the receptor. Pretty amazing for a substance that does not stimulate the receptor.

The effects of this binding cause the patient not to crave any drugs. There is no withdrawal in a clean patient or in a patient that has been treated with short acting agonists. Even if a patient uses drugs after the Naltrexone in plant there is no reward or high feeling. The patient realizes that the drug has no effect.

Naltrexone stabilizes the dopamine axis and therefor prevents any highs or lows, which results in a very stable patient. The absence of these mood swings help prevent anxiety, depression and there by the need to use drugs.

After treatment with Naltrexone the patient can go back to rehab for emotional help and psychotherapy. The whole procedure with the implant makes the rehabilitation process much shorter, in most cases around three months. The healthcare worker now works with a motivated, focused and driven patient that is willing to succeed and with no back door open to go back to drugs.

The results are pretty amazing and have been published by Dr George O Neil. Dr O Neil noted that all compulsive behaviour in OCB terminated, and the patient abstains from gambling, chewing ice and even stops chewing nails. He and other doctors in the same field noted a radical change in the treatment of drug addiction. They have also used Naltrexone implants for alcohol addiction and found that people stopped using alcohol in excessive amounts. The reason for this is that Naltrexone blocks certain neurons in the brain and prevents them from secreting huge amounts of serotonin and dopamine. This takes away all pleasure of drinking and forces patients to quit.

Naltrexone has no harmful effects and has no side effects or interactions with any medication. This means your patient is always safe.

With our rapid detox program we can now see patients immediately while still intoxicated and do the detox as well as the Naltrexone implant on the same day. The patient stays in the surgery for at least 3 hours after detoxification started, and the implant was inserted.


The procedure for the implant takes 15 minutes and is done in the surgery. A small incision is made on the upper outer part of the buttock. The pellet is placed subcutaneously. Over the next 3 months the patient is supplied with a constant amount of Naltrexone, assuring your patient a drug free existence.

Please contact our office at least 4days before your procedure to make sure that we have Naltrexone available.

Our contact numbers are: 012 5491655, 012 5491656 or 0825770273.

Our address is: Dieffenbachia Street 35, Karen Park, Acacia, Pretoria.

The price for an implant is R5290.00.

We work closely with Clear View Rehabilitation Centre and its highly experienced staff. The supervising psychiatrist is Dr Francis Kareoke and Dr Russell Matthews the psychologist.

*Prices are subject to change without prior notice


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2014-01-06 08:35:38 Melissa
Good Morning, I would like to know if the implant is effective for the treatment of cat addiction. if so please send me more info. Kind Regards, Melissa
2014-01-08 09:59:23 Mike Gericke
My daughter is 39 years old and has had problems with Codeine for the last 10 years She has a job that she loves and is very careful through the week but then binges on Stopayne and similar during the weekend. She also takes ivedel sleeping tablets at night. I administer these as she has trouble sleeping and needs to keep her job. She has been to rehab 4 times including to a facility in Durban that put her on Naltrexone tablets. This helped but she started hiding the tablets and abusing again. Will the implant help with her addiction. Regards Mike
2014-01-27 22:57:40 Lani
Do you assist in the rehabilltation of the patient and at what cost. could you refer a patient to a centre that is free of charge after the inplant? Please send me any info. This is fir Ket addiction.

If you suffer from Alcohol or Drug Addiction...

Contact us on (012) 5491655/6 or 0825770273

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