We can report a total change in Mr. Henk Nel�s attitude since he received the first implant.

 He has become a very productive and responsible employee adding great value to our company. We are more than impressed with Henk�s determination to have these implants carried out and turning away from these self destructing Liquids.

We are very proud of Henk in this respect and thank you for your help in administrating the medication.

As an employer we are always delighted when an employee is serious about improving himself.

 Should you require any further reports or up-dates please contact us again.



Fred Bengsch


Good day!


Fully healed now.  I have another candidate that I want to refer to you. He will contact your rooms as he has a few questions regarding the procedure.  Thank you so much for helping me to become whole again.


Dr Gerhard.


I just want to say thank you its been 4months and my life has changed so much.  Im looking good and feeling great and the nice thing is that everyone around me can see the change. The only thing remaining is that I must find a job.

Thank you very much for helping me through this decision I made for a beter life and future so that I can make a success of myself and my future.  Without your support and help as well as the support of family and friends I would still be pathetic old Tiny who everyone looks down on.  Today I can look to the future with hope by taking one day at a time.  I also have found love again in my life and it realy is going very good with me I have a future now thanks to you Dr Kirsten.

Once again thank you.

Tiny Du Preez.


Tiishang Makgabo


Dr Gerhard,


Thank you for all you mean to us and other patients regarding the implants its usually the last resort.  In our case Tiaan was in a clinic years ago for the treatment of alcohol abuse and our medical aid paid for the treatment.  It didn�t last long though and he was back to his old ways.  I tried to find a clinic to admit him again but we couldent afford the treatment.  About 10years ago I saw an advertisement about alcohol abuse and contacted your rooms.  We made an appointment for an implant.  There was an immediate change in Tiaan. His health improved he had more self-confidence and our relationship was on the mend.  I also had peace of mind as I did not have to stress that he would disappear and come back drunk.

I also feel that the cost of the implant is very affordable considering wat the alcohol cost that he used to consume.  After the six months went by Tiaan started getting cravings again and asked me to arrange for him to have another implant which was wonderful that he wanted it for himself.  As soon as the implant was done Tiaan was happy and at ease again.  He always says that the implant is his insurance not to go back to where he started ever again.  We have also referred many of his friends who have also been so successful and greatfull that we gave them your details.

He has been without alcohol for more than 18months and is used to being sober and also states that he has outgrown his need for alcohol but that he wouldent hesitate to have another implant if he felt he needed it. 

Once again thank you so much the procedure is fast and only takes an hour or two and one can go on with your life and one doesn�t have to take off work for weeks on end. 

We hope that you can help many people the way you helped Tiaan � you saved his life and for that we eternally greatfull.

Thank you and may God bless you in all you are doing.


Tiaan and Janet Venter

Dear Dr Kirsten,


My ex-husband Mr Phillip Watkins has been a patient of yours for some time.  He comes for the alcohol implant. 

Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing in this regard! 

Many a marriage and family life is destroyed by the abuse of alcohol and drugs but the treatment they receive from you has saved a lot more.

I am very involved with organizations that are confronted with this problem daily and would like to enquire if you would have any objection if  I refer patients to you so that you can help them the way you have helped me and my family.


Kind regards,

Liauna Watkins


Doctor Kirsten


I feel I MUST write this Mail as I think it is only fair for you to know the good/special kind of work you are doing and how you�ve changed me and my Wife�s life�s...


I was in rehab at Castle Carry from 25/06/2008 (three weeks), and it cost me R8585.00 for this period. I had a nice �Holiday� on Sick leave from my work. After I was discharged, I drank myself into Casualties at Ferncrest Hospital a week later. From that time it was the same old �pattern� again as before the Rehab.


On 11/05/2010 I paid a visit to your Surgery (With recommendation from my Brother-in-law, Johan Bergh) for an Implant. This process cost me R990.00. From that day I�ve never �looked back� again as I�ve never had one drop of Alcohol over my lips. What also amazed me was the fact that I did not had any �craving� within 5x Months after the Implant. I had this implant for the 4th time now on 22/06/2011 and it is WORTH THE MONEY & TIME...! I think I am cured now and the whole process cost me less than R4000.00 and WITH RESULTS � More than half the price of my �Holiday� I had at Castle Carrey...


Please keep on with the good work � I am sure I am not the only one You�ve made a �change in lifestyle�... (Johan also is still �clean/Dry� as from his first implant...)


Thanks & Regards


Adrian van der Merwe
Ê   086 759 4978

'   014 5900 723

        081 363 3140


Goeie Dag Dr Kirsten,


Baie Dankie vir die BEHANDELING. Dit word opreg waardeer.


Die voordele van die behandeling is maklik om te noem omdat daar

so baie is. Ek moes egter �Hard� dink oor die nadele omdat daar so

min is, inderwaarheid niks nie.


Die voordele word kortliks as volg opgesom:

   *Moeilike probleme en situasies word makliker hanteer. Die oplossings

     is dan ook sommer voor die hand liggend.

   *Die verhouding met vroutjie/partners, kids en familie verbeter aansienlik.

   *Produktiwiteit verhoog en gesondheid verbeter.

   *Selfvertroue verhoog en n mens voel beter.

   *Ander vrouens Raas/Maak Rusie met hulle mans omdat hulle Te Veel DRINK.

   *In die hele proses is n mens meer aangenaam en verkry meer respek.


Die nadele van die behandeling is maar min, maar ek sal tog probeer:

   *Dit is regtig n mite om te se^ n mens geniet n partie/sosiale byeenkoms

     minder. Dit is eintlik interessant/lekker om te luister wanneer die ouens

     begin nonsens praat en alle probleme begin oplos, veral Mal Enema en die Prez.

   *Wat van ongelukke indien die behandeling nie gedoen word nie?

   *n Ongeluk met boetes of self lisensie word weggeneem is nog hanteerbaar,

      bv n �Driver� kan gekry word.

   *Maar wat as die pa/broodwinner in die ander voertuig dood is, of vermink

      is en nie meer kan werk nie?

   *Beide ouers is dood en dan wat van die Kids???

   *So kan nog baie traumatise gevolge genoem word.


Goeie raad is om n rukkie na-ete, binne manierlike perke, huistoe te gaan

{Wanneer die ouens na-ete aanhou drink is �Dangerous� en vervelig.}


Die Beste Raad is: Dr Kirsten se en enige ander behandeling sal slegs suksesvol

wees met ons HERE Se HULP. Jesaja 40 vers 31 het my baie gehelp en ek dra

dit graag op aan almal met soortgelyke of enige ander probleme:


Maar Die Wat Op Die HERE Vertrou, Kry Nuwe Krag.

Hulle Vlieg Met Arendsvlerke,

Hulle Hardloop En Word Nie Moeg Nie,

Hulle Loop En Raak Nie Afgemat Nie.


Alle Voorspoed met jou praktyk en behandeling.


Vriendelike Groete,


Uys Ackermann Pr.Ing.

Hi Everyone

My name is Chris and i am an addict. If you or one of your family members, friends or just associates are currently finding themselves in the midst of a deathly drug addiction, well then join the club. BUT, how would you like, the addict, whomever it may be, not have to go into a rehabilitation centre ever again? These centres come at a cost from R48 000.00 to a lesser comfy one of R18 000.00 for 4-6 weeks and then there are secondary treatments which can cost from R12 000.00 per month for 3 months and THEN there are tertiary Houses from R8000.00 per month, usually for 6 months. Ok, so then lets quickly add this up R132000.00

There is the other type of rehabilitations centres that are free. Such as Enochs walk and Noupoort (free as far as i know still). Well i have been to them all, from the Houghton Houses to the Enocks walks.  Most of the free rehabilitation centres are based around the word of God, which is fantastic as the addict needs to find God.  However, if the addict falls the tendency is to then blame God, when in fact they need further counselling and support to stay clean.  Also be given guidance to the various options available to them.

Here is a very brief account of my miserable and truly deathly life over the past 20 years. Yes 20 years is how long i have been entrapped by my disease. The drugs that eventually became my life were crack cocaine and heroin. For the past, i would say 10 years, i had (and truly believed) to use these drugs every single day to be able to survive, not live but survive. Well, as i said, a brief account, here goes. The consequences of my using drugs landed me in jail 10 times, on the streets, more times that i can remember.  Hospital 7 times for overdoses and Tara (psychiatric hospital) 2 times.  Most of my friends are all dead and a girl friend dead from this disease. I am the lucky one or am i?

AND NOW, i have become the blessed one and its because of this that i am writing, shouting and screaming out to all you addicts, families, friends and associates of addicts. For a long time already there has been an anti- booze pill on the market for the alcoholics. NOW, there is an anti drug implant available in the market. This is called Naltrexone. Naltrexone is a drug antagonist used for the treatment of drug addiction. The following drugs are treated cocaine, crack, heroin, cat, crystal meth, speed etc it has even been known to help with compulsive behaviour, such as nail biting.

What this is, is a form of drug replacement therapy which allows the addict to be completely released from addiction by removing the affects of the drug absolutely. This works by blocking all the drug receptors in the brain and cancelling out the euphoric effects of the drug. There will be no more cravings or obsessions to use drugs with Naltrexone.  If the addict decides to use while on Naltrexone they will quickly realise what a waste of time and money it is as the effect of the hit will be absolutely nothing.

I myself am walking proof that this works, i had the Naltrexone implant done and since, i have not had one craving or obsession to use drugs again. I did put the Naltrexone to the test, to see if what they were saying about it was in fact true and i can absolutely and truly say that it did nothing to me, it was as if i smoked a normal cigarette. No affect what so ever.

From 20 years of being gripped with this deathly addiction to now, where i am free and free for good. If my story is not enough to convince you that you now have a choice to live, then there are 600 other stories you can also listen to. They are all successful whilst on the Naltrexone implant.

It is a recovery aid not, an alternative to recovery itself. Recovery must be viewed as a lifelong journey. What Naltrexone does is make it easier to take that first step in putting the drugs down.

Looking at the cost of the rehabilitation centres today and the time spent away, Naltrexone offers the addict a chance to recover with no chance of relapse whilst on Naltrexone.




Dear Dr Gerhard

Since I had the Naltrexone implant my life has changed completely and I am a new person.I had no withdrawal symptoms afterwards and I have never felt this good in my life.This all after your Naltrexone implant.Rehabs are a joke and money making institutions that does not work.I have never heard of or read about any success in any rehab.Keep up the good work.The only thing that works for me is the Naltrexone implant.I Michael Scholtz I.D. 8011155171085 declare this to be the truth.Contact nr. 0764782234.

Thank you


Michael Scholtz.


Dear Dr Gerhard

I  was addicted to heroin for the last 12 years.For 10 years I have tried to quit doing drugs.I have been in 7 rehabs and were never successfull.ihave overdosed on three occasions and nearly lost my leg.But after my implant my life has changed.Within 3 months I was promoted from boilermaker to technical manager and have my own house.I have my family back and I have my life back.My boss see so much potential in me he wants to send me for further studies.I thank you so much for your contribution.



Shaun Prinsloo

I am Chris Breitenbach.I had a seriously big problem with heroin addiction for 8 years.There was no way out for me.Then I heard of Dr Gerhard Kirsten and his implant.I tried it and today I feel like a new person.I was out on the streets with my drug addiction and I spended a year in jail for theft and robbery.This was horrible because I lost complete control of my life.But my life has changed completely. I feel like a new person and I have my job back.I am also able to take care of my daughter.A also have a desire to live again.Trust me this works.

Chris Breitenbach.

I was an addict for 10years till the day i came for an implant from that day i recommend more people to come and take the same treatment. Its been a life change for me for i had a little baby girl and never had time for her now it a life a person would never believe. Now  ive tried for my wife to also do it and pray for more people to come and do it for it realy works from the bottom of my heart i would like to thank the doctor. And as for me i will bring more people as for life bless you doctor.

Yours truely,

Themba Mtshweni tel: 0826574426


Aan die leser,

Graag wil ek baie dankie se vir Dr G Kirsten en sy span en al die personeel ek en my man het geen hoop gehad vir ons toekoms tot en met ons vir ons eerste implanting gekom het nie. Daar is wel n lig aan die donker tonnel vat net n kans en probeer die inplanting jy sal verbaas wees. My man het 10jaar gebruik en ek 5jaar Cat, Cocaine, Heroien, ens.

Elrieta en Corne van der Byl. Sel no: 0722243061


Hi my name is Bruce Berry and i was a herion addict for 10years i started at the age of 13. Ive had a very very rough life ive been to many rehabs and even to prison for 2years. I tried to stop many times but never could. Now thanks to naltrexone and Dr GF Kirsten i have a new life a amazeing life  naltrexone gave me my family, friends and my life back. I have a new job, girlfriend and an awesome life i used to think there wasnt anything beter than drugs but i was wrong. Please i ask of anyone with a drug problem to do yourself a favour and get the naltrexone implant, i promise you it will save and change your life and you will never look back. Theres alot to life, life is a blessing treasure it and glood luck to all of you out there.

Sel: 0829229141


My name is Tshidi and am a 34year old woman and a recovering addict, most of my adult life has been controlled by drugs. I have been in and out of rehabs more times than i care to count. When i was at the lowest point in my life, i actually had resigned my life to drugs until one day my girlfriend brought home a magazine and in it was an article of a young guy who had been helped to overcome his addiction by a certain doctor, i picked up the phone and called this docter who told me that he could help take away my cravings for the drugs with help of a pill called naltrexone. Eversince the implant my life has done a 360 degree turnaround, and all thanks to Dr Kirsten who gave me back my life, he is my hero. Whoever out there who's suffering from this disease there is help and life.



Hi all. My name id Duane. All i have to tell all of you guys out there battling with cat or alcohol or any addiction, there is hope. It had a hold of me for 7years, after my implant it changed my life from living in hell to functioning normally and having a loving family life i had so long wished for. I strongly recommend this to all.

Regards Duane.



Ek is Jaco v/d Byl en is 23jaar oud ek was vir 9jaar op cat was al in 6 rehabs dit het nie gehelp nie het net weer teruggeval. Die pil (implanting) was meer suksesvol ek het op die 4de Julie my eerste implanting gekry het glad nie lus geword vir cat nie. Ek het nou  vir my 2de implanting gekom en voel goed en positief. Die pil het my siekte oorwin ek beveel dit aan vir ander wat met dieselfde probleem sit. Hiermee se ek dankie vir Dr Kirsten hy het my lewe gered.





Dear Dr

Thank you for the chance I have now to experience again what was so prescious to me and that is real true and sober life.For the last 15 years I was just hanging on and surviving.It was living hell and most of it was on the streets and  from there to jail.I think this sounds very familiar to my drug addict friends.I was realy into everything from Kat,Tik,Coke to heroin and codein.It was so bad because I have injected some of these drugs into my veins.I ended up in hospital a couple of times and suffered cardiac arrest once.Luckily I was helped and saved for my loved ones.Thank you so much for this amazing naltrexone implant.It really saved and chanced my life.I wish that everybody comes to know of this wonderful cure.What a waist of good time and money are rehabs.Pretty bad agenda that these people have.I can only hope they come to their senses quickly.Keep up the good work and if you want to use me as a referal please give them my name and number.

God bless


Dear Dr KirsteN

As drug addict I have travelled the world for help.Over 20 years I could not find help anywhere in the world.After tremendous suffering and loss of my family and friends my life came to a standstill when I lost my dearest friend through drug overdose.I tried to commit suicide but was not successfull.My body was poisoned by huge dosages of khat, tik rocks,crack-cocaine and heroin.I could not take it any more.I had to find help fast and quickly.No rehab in the country could ever help me or any of my friends also addicted to khat ,crack-cocaine and heroin .Trough a miracle we got to know about Dr Gerhard.He treated me and my friend with the Naltrexon implant.The results were pretty amazing.We are still clean and dry and looking forward for our next appointment 3 months time.

Thank you so  much



Hi Everybody

I must share this with you.Since my school days we have been experimenting witn dagga,khat,cocaine and tick.Sometimes we were brave and used heroin as well.This became a lifestile for the past 12 years.We all wanted to quit but there was no way out.I went to 15 different rehabs wkich cost thousand of rands.My life was miserable.Then I came upon Dr Gerhard website and hab yhe Naltrexone implant done.I now completely recovered from all my addiction thanks to Dr Gerhard and the Naltrexone implant.I wish everybody to have this treatment because this really works.Trust me there is nothing else because I have tried them all.Thanks again Dr Gerhard you have been our last resort.


Dear Dr Gerhard

I did not believe that anyone or anything could save my life from Heroin addiction.I was spiking 10 bags a day into my veins and was never aware of what was really going on in real life.This trend was going on for 15 years.The grave was waiting for me and it was to be soon that I will die because my body and mind could not take it any more.Then came you Dr Gerhard with the naltrexone implant and turned it all around.This was really a miracle and I cannot thank you enough for giving me back my life,This worked instantly for me without side-effects or any severe withdrawal symptoms.May you help many more desperate people.

Thank you


Hi Addicts

Going to rehab as an alcoholic was an experience that caused me not to get healed but also addicted to drugs.This took all prescious things from me including my husband and children.I was all alone out on the streets and killing time by taking dose after dose of all kind of drugs. I was longing to die to get out of this miserable world.Then came Dr Gerhard with the Naltrexone implant and changed everything.I am myself again and back in my family.My life has never been better.I enjoy every moment of it.This really works and is a miracle.Please do not hesitate.Give yourself a chance and get your life back.



Beste Dr Kirsten



Ek het nog nooit die vooreg gehad, om vir enige persoon dankie te se dat hy my lewe gered het nie. Ek sit venaand met die feitlik onmoontlike taak. Ek is dood seker jou pad hemel toe is geteer. Dr Kirsten baie dankie vir my lewe, en al die ongelooflike goeie en spesiale tye wat voorle!!! Ek het ongelukkig nog baie moeilikheid met 'n bedrog saak en dronk bestuur. Ek hoop vir die beste! Maar dit maak nie saak wat gebeur nie. EK LEWE, EN DIT GAAN SOMER BAIE GOED.

Ek spoel die bloed van Jesus oor jou! Hou aan om mense soos ek uit die hel te ruk! BAIE DANKIE.


Pieter Labuschagne


> Goeie More Myra,


> Dit is nou al net onder vier maande sedert ek my implanting gekry het

> en ek wil net graag vir jou en Dr Kirsten baie baie dankie se vir

> julle hulp.

> Dankie dat jy my vrae so deeglik beantwoord het en my so veilig laat

> voel het toe ek bang en onseker was en dit gelyk het asof daar werklik

> nie 'n uitweg is nie.


> Vandag is ek weer myself, en het ek 'n tweede kans na ek in die kloue

> van heroine beland het. Ek is nie 100% waar ek wil wees nie en ek

> besef die harde werk le nou eers voor; maar ten minste kan ek helder

> dink en hoef ek nie 'n naald in my arm te druk om uit die bed uit te

> kan klim nie. Ek word wakker en dink aan die dag wat voorle, net soos

> Dokter verseker het en ek kan sien hoe daardie donker wolk van heroine

> verdwyn het en ek dank die Here daarvoor.


> Die werk wat julle doen red soveel lewens daar buite en ek sal ELKE

> liewe dag dankbaar wees dat ek die besluit geneem het, en 'n pa gehad

> het wat bereid was om my te ondersteun; dat ek van die implanting

> gehoor het en daarvoor gegaan het.


> As daar enige iets is wat ek kan doen, of as ek 'n getuigskrif kan

> skryf- julle my nommer aan enige iemand wil gee, laat weet my

> asseblief. Ek hoop en bid dat die Here die jeug sal verlos van dwelms

> en dat meer mense dieselfde kans kan kry as wat ek gekry het. Ek het

> al 'n hele paar mense na julle verwys en sal aanhou om so te maak.


> Baie dankie.


> Voorspoed en groete,

> Estelle

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